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Well know by everyone visiting Thailand is the James Bond Islands, notoriously famous by the movie of "James Bond - The Man with the Golden Gun" is of the limestones beautifully formed and the place for a nice photo of your vacations in Thailand.


In fact, South of Thailand has more than 200 limestones spread in the south area. Hong Islands are a set of them together that offer unique landscapes, lagoons, white sandy beaches and reef formations around them, making them a place not to be missed when you visit Thailand.


This tour will show you the most fantastic hidden places that South Thailand has to offer you! 


See you soon at Our Magical Thailand

Tour Program:

Canoe at james bond island tour- koh yao
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Very close to Krabi we have the Phang Nga Bay, National Park.

This boat tour will take you to an archipelago is a group of islands of more than 100 islands in the bay surrounding by the unspoiled mangrove forest and limestone formation.

This boat tour from Krabi will provide the best of what in the south of the Andaman sea, visiting beautiful islands, relaxing on lovely beaches and showing you the hidden secrets of the Andaman Sea.

We will visit the famous "James Bond Island" to take a photo and let you enjoy the site of such famous Limestone formation, that became famous from the movie "The Man with the golden gun".

Then we will show you the hidden secrets of the Andaman sea. Visiting Koh Kudu Yai, known as the second James Bond, its spectacular limestone formations surrounded by a white sandy beach. Perfect place to take some time to relax.

Koh Roi: Here we will show you the house of a hidden animal, that is normally seen all around Thailand, but seeks refuge in this island during the day.

We will then move to Koh Yao Noi and show you one of the secrets of that Islands only accessible by the sea. The famously secret big tree, more than 300 years old, have roots that spread trough out all the beach.

After all these stunning places, we will visit Hong lagoon. Famous for the beauty of the watercolour, also knew as the "Emerald Lagoon".

Snorkelling location will be select on the day depending on the sea, wind and ties conditions.

Join us in discovering all these magical secrets that Thailand offers.

Tour Includes:

Transfer To & From Pick-Up Point*

Licensed English Speaking Guide

Lifejacket & Snorkelling Equipement


Water & Fruits Available Aboard

National Park Fees

Tours Follow S.H.A Health Safety Protocol / Tours Insurence

* Some hotels are included in the free pick-up for the James Bond Island boat tour.

Other hotels may have an extra fee presented at booking moment.


Prices Per Person:

  • Per Adult - 3350 THB

  • Per Child - 2350 THB (4-12 years old)

   *Minimum 2 Persons


Hong Lagoon-Koh Yao Yai tours-Thailand

4 Islands Tour & Sunset Tour

+/- 7 Hours Tour

Visiting the 4 Islands of Krabi is something not to be missed. This tour will show why!

From the famous Chicken Island to Poda, Tub, Mor and Prana beach. You will see and enjoy white sandy beaches, amazing snorkelling locations, sandbanks and culture about Thai history.

A day tour to enjoy, relax, learn more about our culture and enjoy the amazing sunset that Railay`s offer.



Phi Phi Islands Tour

+/- 7 Hours Tour

If you are a fan of snorkelling and underwater fauna, then Phi Phi is definitely the place for you. Visited by millions every year, it hides amazing beaches, lagoons and the best locations to snorkel.

We do our tours avoiding the crowed places making sure that you can enjoy these paradisiac white sandy beaches and snorkel spots without having to be surrounded by crowds.


Hong Lagoon-Koh Yao Yai tours-Thailand

James Bond Island & Hong Islands Tour

+/- 7 Hours Tour

Famous by the James Bond movie "The man with a golden gun", James bond island is a must-go spot to admire the formation of the limestone.

After enjoying this Famous location we will visit several islands famous for the beautifulness of the beaches and the white sandy banks. 

Being the most famous one, Hong Island, notorious for the "Emerald Lagoon" that hides inside the beautiful limestone.


Catamaran Sailing Tour.jpg

Catamaran Sailing Boat Tour


Exploring all the islands that the South of Thailand has to offer takes time. What can be a better way than enjoying it on your private Catamaran and sail around the sea of Andaman.

Totally customized boat tour, you can enjoy one day or more sailing around islands and white sandy beaches.

The best snorkelling places, without any time of rush as this tour is 100% customized for you and yours.

Talk with us to enjoy your days sailing.


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