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Best Tours in Koh Yao Yai

Being the base of our company, we specialized in finding the most beautiful beaches and islands and on the best route. Making sure you can enjoy your tour without being bothered by hundreds of other tourists,  originating a lifetime experience of enjoying almost private islands and white sandy beaches.

But why choose us? As a local company we not only know the best places and times, but also the history behind the places we visit, the names of the underwater life and to make you enjoy the most in each tour we provide from Koh Yao Yai. We seek quality instead of quantity. And that is why all our tour run with few people on board. To make it more friendly and familiar environment, After all, no one enjoys being packed in a boat, and dropped in places with hundreds around.

Not only on the tours but in all services we try to make it easy, comfortable, reliable and magical memories for you.

Our tours from Koh Yao Yai are amongst the most sought after the beauty of the islands of this region after all our tours cover the three national parks in the south of Thailand.

Every tour we provide have to options to ensure the service you prefer:

- Semi-Private Tours: They are organized with groups of a maximum of 9 people to ensure quality and space on the boat, and to make it more exclusive allowing enjoy every moment more.

- Private tour: If you prefer to enjoy the tour with only you and your loved ones, this can be the best option for you. We provide all your tours in private, you can select the one you prefer and contact us here.

Our goal is to make sure you have a delightful tour to make this your best vacations ever.

See you soon at Our Magical Thailand

Hong Lagoon-Koh Yao Yai tours-Thailand

Island Hopping Tour

+/- 7 Hours Tour

Island exploring is one of the best activities to do while enjoying your vacations in Thailand.

Several limestones, white sandy beaches,  sand-banks, snorkelling with amazing underwater fauna and the crown of this tour, The Hong Lagoon knew as the "Emerald Lagoon". 


Explore the amazing islands of the Hong bay with us, enjoy it without hurries and crowded places.



Khai islands.jpg

Snorkelling at Khai Islands

+/- 5 Hours Tour

Between Koh Yao Yai and Phuket are located the 3 Khai Islands. 

This half-day tour is to explore the coral reef and underwater fauna that surround this beautiful tiny islands.

Snorkelling is not all we want to show you. We end this tour with lunch on a white sandy beach. Where you can relax and enjoy a cocktail from a local bar.



Canoe at james bond island tour- koh yao

Phang Nga Cave & James Bond Island Tour

+/- 7 Hours Tour

Famous by the James Bond movie "The man with a golden gun", James bond island is a must-go spot to admire the formation of the limestone.


Phang Nga bay offers much more. One of the best activities is to explore the sea caves and explore hidden lagoons inside these limestone formations.

Explore a village constructed on the Andaman Sea "Panyee Village" is a small village that was created and develop above the seawater.

Come explore and learn the history’s 




Krabi 4 Islands Tour

+/- 8 Hours Tour

Visiting the 4 Islands of Krabi is something not to be missed. This tour will show why!

From the famous Chicken Island to Poda, Tub, Mor and Prana beach. You will see and enjoy white sandy beaches, amazing snorkelling locations, sandbanks and culture about the Thai history.

A day tour to enjoy, relax and learn more about our culture.




Tradicional Island Life Tour

+/- 7 Hours Tour

Making holidays in Koh Yao Yai, and don’t get to know our culture is a "Crime". That’s why we created this tour for you.

More than white sandy beaches, Koh Yao Yai offers lots of various places for you to visit, from the fisherman farms, learning the Thai cuisine and learning about our culture.

That’s is why this tour is for you.



Hook Fishing tour Koh yao yai - thailand.jpg

Hook Fishing Tour

+/- 7 Hours Tour

If you just would like to spend some time on your vacation fishing in the South of Thailand, you found the right tour for you.

Take your time to relax, fish and enjoy the barbecue you caught on a white sandy beach.

Doesn’t get better than this for a fisherman.



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