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Terms and conditions     

Please read careful

These are our terms and conditions

Our Magical Thailand Co. Lda will not be able to accept pregnant women on board.

Our priority is to implement effective security measures and any of our tours is subject to weather conditions. Circumstances such as strong winds or currents may prevent you from making the excursion (only rain is not a reason to cancel the tour).

In case of adverse weather conditions we will try to change the date of your excursion, or change the itinerary or replace it with another type of excursion, making the corresponding adjustment in the price.

For any cancellation by the client within 1 week of the date of the trip you will be asked for 50% of the total price and if canceled within 48 hours before the date of the tour 100%.

Our Magical Thailand Co. Lda will not be responsible of any property damage or personal loss that occurs during your tour. The client agrees to be responsible for their own safety and accepts the risks related to the tour.

Our Magical Thailand Co. Lda reserves the right to make modifications to the itineraries in order to improve the quality of the tour and adapt to the circumstances of the moment.

Our Magical Thailand Co. Lda may use the image of its clients with the sole purpose of promoting their social networks through the publication of photos taken during the excursions. The customer will at all times have the right to expressly request Our Magical Thailand Co. Lda not to publish any photo or image of him in any of these social networks, prevailing at all times the right to privacy of each client.

In the event of  non-acceptance of the transfer of rights of visual content of the client to Our Magical Thailand Co. Lda must express this denial by writing an email to with the subject I DO NOT ACCEPT TRANSFER OF VISUAL RIGHTS

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