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About us

With our headquarters in Koh Yao Yai, Our Magical Thailand came together to provide the best tour experiences that you can enjoy in Thailand, giving you activities that you won’t forget.

Without overcrowded boats or cars and no restricted time plans, we let you enjoy the tours at your pace. Making you not only our customer but also part of us.

Our routes offer you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the tours visiting the best beaches to stop and enjoy, hidden lagoons, tiny paradisiac islands, sea caves in the limestones that are famous in the south of Thailand and amazing snorkelling stops for you to enjoy the wide range of underwater fauna Thailand offers.

With years of knowledge of the routes, we can provide all that while avoiding the mass crows letting you enjoy your time the best way possible.

Our wish is making your tour Magical.
Travel with us.

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South Thailand Destinations 

Discover Your Boat & Land Tour

Laem Haad Beach Koh Yao Yai.jpg


Koh Yao Yai

When you imagine Thailand as a travel destination it comes to mind: relaxing in paradisiac beaches, snorkelling or diving with a wide variety of fishes, seeing amazing islands on a boat tour and discover the Thai lifestyle.

Koh Yao Yai is the ideal place for you, located in the south of Thailand, is a non-touristic paradise with hidden treasures.

With places likes this paradisiac beach called Laem Haad, yet away from large crowds and a perfect place to rest after any tour.

 Relax, savour and enjoy a place that still lets you see the genuine essence of Southern Thai culture.

Image by Artur Kornakov

Phang Nga Caves Canoe & James Bond Island

Discovering the wonders of Phang-Nga. A bay that hides fantastic sea caves that we visit by canoe and foot to discover the wonderful rock formations of the limestones.

After we visit one of the most famous islands in the south of Thailand, "James Bond Island, famous by the movie and a place not to be missed.

A village that was constructed over the seas, we will also show you that is this marvellous tour, called Panyee village, is a "small city" totally constructed above seas


Now is time to rest and enjoy lunch in a "private" beach and relax after a day of new experiences!

Ao Nang-Krabi-South Thailand.jpg



Krabi is a travel destination that will fill most of your needs while discovering Thailand.

Either by is fussy city life in Krabi Town, where you will see the normal ways of Thai culture is a small busy city or by the long beaches in Ao Nang, that are by themselves a fantastic place to enjoy your vacations, but are also a gateway for visiting other beautiful places of this paradise. 

Near to the 4 islands of Krabi, Railay beach, Phi-Phi island, Ko Lanta, Phang-nga Bay, Koh Yao Yai you can visit all these places departing from Krabi.

And after a day of discovering Thailand and the wonderful surrounding islands, enjoy the nightlife that Thailand is also known for.

Welcome to Krabi.

Phi Phi Island-Thailand.jpg


Islands Tour

Phi Phi islands are one of the most famous and touristic places in Thailand, either by the highly famous Maya Bay, immortalized by the movie "The Beach - with Leanardo Di Caprio", or by the famous nightlife that attracts many. It is visited by millions every year.


However, is also the home of the most fantastic beaches that Thailand was to offer. Breathtaking lagoons and perfect snorkelling spots, visited by the freedivers and tuba divers. The agglomerate that makes Phi Phi offers many options to everyone.

The best way to visit all that Phi Phi offers is knowing the routes making sure you don’t get caught in paradise surrounded by thousands.

But that is why we are here.

To make it Magical.

Image by Pablo Alonso

More Thailand Destinations 

Discover Your New Destination

Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai, located in the north part of Thailand is an Eden for the fans of mountains, trekking trips between the vast jungles and swim in the massive waterfalls. Here the roots of the Thai essence is still located.

Reserve some days for this paradise and explore the night markets, the jungles in the mountains all around to enjoy the waterfalls and rice fields, visit elephant sanctuaries (that take care of elephants, don’t ride, protect them).

Use one or two days with us and we will show you all the majestic temples in Chiang Mai and the famous temples of Chiang Rai, located nearby.

Make sure not to miss this chance of visiting the rights places.


Bangkok_Royal Palace.jpg

Bangkok, the capital of the Kingdom.

The city of economics, of a large nightlife, of traffic and chaos. Where bikes mingle around thousands of cars and people. Where huge skyscrapers are placed, letting you enjoy the view in hundreds of sky-bars and restaurants to all the massive city under them.

But also the city with the most beautiful and massive temples, palaces, markets, cultures, party streets. 

The city where everything comes together to amuse and let any traveller enjoy their style of vacations.

From night markets, river markets, train markets. From massive temples, giant and golden buddhas. And close by to the former capital of Siam where the chaos of the city turns to the calm of Ayutthaya.

Everything for some days of your perfect vacations in Thailand. 

Image by Alejandro Cartagena 🇲🇽🏳‍🌈


เป็นประสบการณ์ที่สนุกเกินคาดหมาย เพราะตอนเช้ามีฝนตกหนักผมเลยคิดว่าทัวร์วันนี้น่าจะเฟลแน่ๆ แต่โชคดีมากที่พอถึงเวลาทัวร์ฝนไม่ตกเลย ...

เกาะแต่ละที่ๆไปนั้น ทรายขาว น้ำใสคับ ถ่ายรูปออกมาสวยมาก ... ในโปรแกรมจะมีทั้ง ไปแวะจอดถ่ายรุปกับแวะลงเที่ยวหาดกับดำน้ำ ... สวนตัวโดยรวมถือว่าโปรแกรมทัวร์ ทำมาดี สถานที่แต่ละที่ห่างกันไม่มาก ใช้เวลาเดินทางไม่นาน ... ไฮไลน์ของทัวร์ก็คือเกาะห้อง หาดที่นี่ขาวละเอียด สวยมาก ดำน้ำก็เห็นปลายเยอะมากคับ ... แต่อีกอันที่ผมประทับใจคือ มีจอดแวะให้ว่ายน้ำ กระโดดน้ำเล่นด้วยคับ

น้องกิฟท์ ไกด์นำเที่ยวก็น่ารักมาก คอยดูแลผมและเพื่อนๆ เป็นอย่างดี ด้วยความเป็นคนพื้นที่น้องเค้าจะรู้เวลาพีคไทม์ ในแต่ละสถานที่ เค้าเลยจะทำโปรแกรมให้ไม่ตรงกับที่อื่น เพื่อที่ลูกทัวร์จะ ได้เที่ยวแบบคนไม่เยอะมาก ถ่ายรูปได้สวยๆ อย่างเต็มที่ แถมน้องเค้ายังคอยแนะนำจุดไฮไลด์ ในการถ่ายรุป และคอยแอบเก็บภาพ และวิดีโอ ให้ลูกทัวร์ด้วย ... แถมท้าย น้องเค้ายังมี after service ให้พวกผมอีกด้วยคับ

ถือว่าราคาไม่แพง เพราะทัวร์เต็มวันจิงๆ ไกด์ก็คอยดูแลทุกอย่างไม่มีขาดตกบกพร่องเลยคับ แถมยังคอยดูแลถึงหลังมื้อเย็น รอจัดรถส่งพวกผมกลับโรงแรม หลังมื้อเย็นเลย ... ยิ่งไปเยอะ ยิ่งได้ส่วนลดนะคับ

So glad we booked this tour on our visit to Koh Yao Yai. We visited a few different islands and locations and did some snorkelling and swam in a lagoon and even saw some monkeys. Experiences like this are why you come to Thailand! From the hospitality of our tour guide to the picnic on a private beach made this was a perfect day. As Guide is local to the island, he was very informative and knew all the best places to see. We learned about local history, wildlife and art and we were able to finish the day with lunch in a local restaurant recommended by our guide where we ate delicious authentic and great value food.

We cannot recommend this tour and Our Magical Thailand highly enough!

Julie B - Feb 2020

Awesome Day

I booked the James Bond Island and kayaking tour online before we arrived. It was a day my husband and I will never forget. We had a fantastic day with our guide. Kayaking through the caves was awesome as was the entire day with lunch on our private beach. It was our 25 year anniversary vacation and we absolutely loved it.


Plan to return to Thailand and rebook with Our Magical Thailand

Hanna - Mar 2020

Island hopping tour with Our Magical Thailand

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