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What Markets to visit in Bangkok?

If you are a market fan, then Bangkok can be near to paradise to you as you can easily find several markets on the roads of Bangkok.

However, there are a few more exotics than others.

Is always fun to be in the middle of the chaos that a street market brings. The "Adrenaline" to hustle the best price is always an entertaining part that belongs to your markets, but there are some that cannot be missed.

Imagine that in the middle of all the buzz and fuzz of shopping and hustling, the vendors start to close their umbrellas. Awkard?

No, it's just the train that daily passes on the Maeklong Railway Market, a traditional Thai market selling fresh vegetables, food and fruit. What makes the market special is that it occupies part of a train line. A few times a day, there’s a train running directly through the market. A few moments before the train comes, vendors lower their umbrellas and move some of their product away from the train tracks.

Some are left on the ground, with the train passing right over them. Amazingly, nothing gets damaged or broken, and as soon as the train passes, the vendors move their goods back onto the tracks and continue as normal (until the next train arrives). Making this a market not to be missed in your tour to Bangkok.

Also exotic and very famous is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, where you can see a traditional market in the canals of Bangkok and enjoy lots of the products while cruising around.

There are a lot of markets to visit in Bangkok, but these are the ones you truly don't want to miss in a tour around Bangkok markets.


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